Wish Canopy



Skirball Cultural Center


Los Angeles, CA




Lisa Little, Emily White, Christopher Day

Wish Canopy unfurls over a 5,000 Square Foot exhibition space for the show ‘Women Hold Up Half the Sky’ at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA. The large suspended sculptural installation is composed of over 2,500 interlink translucent pieces. Each piece of translucent plastic is precision cut and bent to form three-dimensional objects that interlock with each other and produce an overwhelmingly vast field of parts. The gestalt field condition begins to deconstruct on closer inspection as the individual nature of each part is perceived upon close inspection. Wish Canopy is the tangible representation of the power of individuals coming together to effect change. While the suspended art installation serves an architectural purpose – producing an intimate space through soft lighting and a low ceiling condition – it also has a social agenda, illustrating the strength of women as individuals and as community.

While the folds in the plastic parts give volume to the individual pieces, a large armature of steel rods and cables give shape to the array of parts, swooping down and lifting up as one moves throughout the exhibit. The sculpture is always there, overhead, giving shape to the experience of the museum without detracting from the exhibited works.



Art Gray

Karina White