Three Horned Beast



New Children’s Museum


San Diego, CA




Lisa Little, Emily White, Christopher Day

Originally commissioned by the New Children’s Museum in San Diego, Three Horned Beast (and Baby Beast) is an improv pavilion where the idea of performance has been pared down to its essential elements- actors and spectators. The experiences of performing and viewing are varied and in perpetual evolution. Designed as interactive public art, the improv studio promotes interactive play and performance through its porous enclosure and its visibility throughout the museum.

The pavilion is comprised of 406 unique laser cut and folded aluminum elements finished with seven powder coat colors. The design process involved both parametric computation and an intuitive “hand” approach. Frequent structural analysis ensured that the pavilion used material extremely efficiently.

After the agreed two-year stay at the San Diego museum, the City of West Hollywood sponsored relocation of the public art installation to Plummer Park in the city of West Hollywood. The new exterior location required an additional structural engineering evaluation and additional wind load reinforcement was required to realize it as exterior public art. This large-scale art project was part of the City of West Hollywood’s Arts Division public art initiative. In both installations, Lisa Little was both Designer/Artist and coordinated with ArtWorks San Diego for the installations. This was a joint project with co-designer and artist, Emily White.


Structural Engineer

Roel Schierbeek


Art Gray