Elodie Games



Venice, CA




Lisa Little, Noah Shipley

A rapidly growing video game development firm approached us to design their first post-covid office. Online and in-person collaboration is equally important to their creative process, and they needed a physical environment that could embrace both. Custom designed felt panels bridge the gap between the privacy required for remote collaboration and the visual connectivity needed for in-person interactions.

The rich textures and colors of the material palette highlights the firm’s playful ethos and brightens a once-dreary warehouse. Locating the employee lounge and kitchen adjacent to an existing overhead door allows for an easy connection to the amicable Southern California environment and adds more fresh air and light to the office. The CNC cut stock felt panel patterns were optimized to minimize waste, using both figure and ground to delineate space and add interest to office walls.

Commercial architecture is at a crossroads with the demand for in-person office space fluctuating as we navigate new digital modalities for production and collaboration. Venice, CA is home to many tech firms that are re-thinking how they can best utilize their physical spaces. We work closely with our clients to ensure a design that works for them today while allowing them to grow with flexibility.



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