Blue Ruby Farm



Browns Valley, CA


2022 – In Construction


Lisa Little,  Jesse Chappelle, Mark Gee, Noah Shipley, Aly Cornelius,  Phoebe Webster

A San Francisco Bay Area chef relocates to Browns Valley in the Sierra foothills to establish a northern California retreat located on 37-acres with land to grow food and space to share meals around a communal table. Nature, community, and culinary arts converge under one roof at Blue Ruby Farm, a new philosophical interpretation of hospitality. A large communal kitchen, living room, outdoor pizza oven, and abundant outdoor space give life to this dream.

Each guest room has a private bathroom and deck facing the pond and the old-oak savannah beyond. Through the architecture, exceptional culinary events, and nurturing farm experiences, the project strives to give guests an experience of great restorative impact with space for contemplation and respite.

The inviting, open communal kitchen is situated between a large open hearth, where cooking happens over the open fire, and a 20-foot-wide bi-fold door connects directly to the land and pond.

This northern California architecture situates itself in the midst of beautiful spaces to cultivate people, animals, plants and soil. Situated along a gentle hill abutting a 5-acre pond, visitors can spend their day hiking, walking through the orchards and working gardens, or relaxing by the water. As guests witness the production of their meals – in the gardens and in the kitchen – a deepened relationship to the land and food is formed.